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Become a mentor for new entrepreneurs

Why entrepreneurship in marginalized communities?

When given equal opportunity, most people can make great contributions to our communities and economy. People from marginalized communities continue to be over represented in unemployed and low skilled jobs. For them, starting a business means an opportunity to fulfill their potential, to integrate and become self- reliant whilst creating value and employment opportunities for others.

What barriers do some new entrepreneurs in the UK face?

Market & customer insights

They initially have little experience in the local marketplace and insights into local customer needs.

Accessing business networks

Many individuals find it difficult to create a business network.

Accessing startup finance

New entrepreneurs struggle to access mainstream finance as they lack a robust credit history and business track record.

What does the mentor role entail?

Meet your mentee for 60-90 min weekly, for 12 weeks, to give them guidance on their market research and business plan. Together with our team, help them develop their business and prepare their pitch for startup finance.

You are…

  • excited to see a young business blossom under your guidance
  • an experienced entrepreneur
  • a patient listener and good motivator
  • available and committed – you can stick to the weekly mentoring schedule

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