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About Chapeltown Conversations

Chapeltown Conversations is a series of events to give the people the chance to talk about the future of the community and the ways in which it can move forward. See the Chapeltown Conversations website for the latest news.

The conversations will allow relationships to be developed around common causes and provide a platform from which action and progress can happen.

Three people chatting at Leeds Carnival with a food stall in the foreground

Who are the Conversations For?

Chapeltown Conversations are not just for the usual ‘community leaders’, elected members and other officials – although they are all very welcome to join us. Chapeltown Conversations will be an opportunity for people who live, work, learn or play in Chapeltown to talk about what matters most and the opportunities that we have to make things better.

The conversations will allow you to talk about what matters most to you and others who share your enthusiasm. You will be able to set the agenda. Whether it is things for young people to do, bus fares, jobs, housing, policing, bin collections or whatever – you will be able to talk about it.

Not JUST a talking shop…

The last thing that Chapeltown needs is more hot air. This is not what Chapeltown Conversations are about. They are intended to provide a space where people can find others with common cause and take action together to make things better.

Bringing People Together

Chapeltown conversations will be based around issues that really matter to local people, and often will work across communities, cultures and ages.

The conversations are hosted by Chapeltown Development Trust with support from Leeds City Council Area Management Team and other partners.